This Story Starts With A Cigar…

In a world of mass produced, commodity-based sameness, there are few shining stars. Molon Labe Cigars was founded on the greatness of the cigar, and the passion and unity that is exemplified once it is smoked. We fell in love with a cigar and built a company to bring it to you.

Our story isn’t about word-salad descriptions, GQ cover owners, shiny boxes and distractions from the fundamental thing that brings us together in the first place, the cigar. It is the epicenter of our business and brings you back to the fundamental roots of the industry. Our goal is simple, to re-connect you to the land, the tobacco and the 100 hands that make each cigar possible.

The Land

Molon Labe Cigars start with the land. Our tobacco is grown on a thousand acres of unadulterated land. Untouched by fertilizers or pesticides, the land is rich and fertile and responsible for growing the very best tobacco in the industry.

The Tobacco

The tradition of Cuba rings true in the tobacco used in every Molon Labe cigar. Small, batch, limited quantity, and aged 5 years or more. The tobacco has a generational line going back almost 200 years and is organically grown without genetic engineering, fertilizers, or pesticides.

The Cigar

Our goal is not to sell millions of mass-produced cigars; it is to bring to our discerning consumers an exceptional, small batch, limited quantity, true reserve cigar. Uncorrupted, hand made from the finest tobacco, each cigar is rolled by an artisan specializing in that cigar. When smoking a Molon Labe Cigar, the first word from our client’s mouth is “clean”, the second words are unique and beautiful. As with any limited production cigar, when they are gone, they are gone, and we start the cycle over the following year.

We are confident you will enjoy the Molon Labe brand cigars as much as we do, and welcome you to become a member of our family.