What does Molon Labe mean?

Molon labe, meaning ‘come and take [them]’, is a classical expression of defiance. It is among the Laconic phrases reported by Plutarch, attributed to King Leonidas I in reply to the demand by Xerxes I that the Spartans surrender their weapons. The exchange between Leonidas and Xerxes occurs in writing, on the eve of the Battle of Thermopylae. (Watch the movie “300”)

What does “small batch” mean?

small-batch Designating or relating to a type of small-scale production in which cigars are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisanal methods. Molon Labe Cigars only manufacturers and sells 3000 boxes of cigars annually

What makes Molon Labe Cigars different?
  1. 100% Organic, No Chemical additives, pesticides or genetic engineering
  2. Small Batch (see #1)
  3. Grown in a single location in the tradition of Cuba
  4. Each vitola rolled by a single set of hands
What is a “Vitola”?

According to spanish.dictionary.com, in terms of cigars, it literally means “cigar band.” However, as it is used in the cigar business, “vitola” is a cigar factory term for a cigar shape. Corona, Lonsdale, Torpedo, Robusto. et. al. are the names of different vitolas as they apply to the unique description of a cigar’s shape. Therefore, two cigars of the same vitola would have similar measurements and form.

Molon Labe Cigars produces 5 different Vitolas: Churchill, Corona, Torpedo, Gordo and Sweet Robusto

Can I order custom boxes?

Creation of custom boxes to commemorate occasions or as specialty gifts are available on request and based on the availability of the product. Please contact us at customerservice@mlcigars.com

Does Molon Labe support charitable causes?

Molon Labe Cigar Company is dedicated to support Veteran causes and will donate a percentage of annual earnings to a variety of Veteran charities. Please contact us at customerservice@mlcigars.com with requests.

Will Molon Labe Cigars sponsor events?

Molon Labe Cigar Company will evaluate each sponsor request to determine alignment with our values and requirements for support. Please contact us at customerservice@mlcigars.com with any sponsor requests.

Where can I find Molon Labe Cigars in my State?

Molon Labe Cigars can be found online here at molonlabecigars.com or at the following stores:

  • Castro’s Back Room, 972 Elm Street, Manchester NH 03101

For additional assistance or if you would like to sell Molon Labe Cigar products in your store, please contact us at customerservice@mlcigars.com