Sweet Robusto 4 Pack


Aka: “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Imagine the balance between premium tobacco and incredible, all-natural sweetness. This sweet Robusto is unlike any cigar you have ever smoked and makes believers out of the hardest cigar or non-cigar smoker. A well-built, hand rolled and small batch cigar, that leverages the Molon Labe Premium reserve tobacco and natures finest sweeteners, molasses, honey and vanilla.  It starts with a sweet smack on the lips, and then lightens to a mellow sweetness punctuated by a distinct vanilla bean-nuttiness through the finish with the underlying but not over-powering spiciness of the tobacco.  It leaves you with a clean short finish and like your first love, wondering what just happened and longing for more.  Perfect for dessert (think Crème Brulé or Smores), over coffee or your favorite aperitif. Pairs well with our Soprano Flavor Coffee.

4 Vitolos in each pack

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